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Is PlixPress compatible with my WordPress Theme?

PlixPress is designed to be working perfectly with any WordPress theme so there is no special requirements. However, the PlixPress comes with a premium quality custom designed wallpaper theme for WordPress which can maximize your site’s potential.

Wallpapers are not showing on my site!

The wallpapers are added as featured image so if the theme you are using doesn’t support featured image, the wallpapers will not show up on your site. We recommend every PlixPress users to install custom themes provide by https://plixpress.com.

Does PlixPress run without WordPress?

You must understand that PlixPress is a WordPress plugin and it works on WordPress CMS only.

Is there any special requirements for PlixPress?

PlixPress doesn’t require anything special and ready to run on any web hosting that offers PHP/MySQL and WordPress installation. Remember, as you are going to host thousands of wallpapers which will require huge space on your web server. Also for a large amount of content and visitors, you must make sure your web hosting has enough processing power and bandwidth.

About US

PlixPress.com offers the ultimate plugin to build your own wallpaper site using WordPress with PlixPress WordPress Plugin.

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