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#1 WordPress Plugin For Creating Wallpaper Sites

Super Easy Setup

Completely Automated

Set and Forget System

No Work Needed

Complete Package Including WordPress Theme

Build Massive Wallpaper Sites In Just Minutes

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PlixPress Premium WordPress Plugin

Super Easy

PlixPress is very easy and you don’t need any expert skill to create your own wallpaper site in just minutes.

Fast & Powerful

Using PlixPress you can create wallpaper site in just minutes and upload thousands of wallpapers with just a few clicks.

Completely Automated

PlixPress can automatically update your site with fresh wallpapers everyday so you don’t have to do anything manually.

Friendly Support

Our friendly support team is ready to assist you 24/7 so that you can build your site with confidence.

Build Your Own Wallpaper Site With WordPress Using PlixPress WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Plugin For Creating Wallpaper Sites Using WordPress

PlixPress offers you the power to create high quality wallpaper sites using WordPress. With this super easy to use, powerful WordPress plugin you can build your own wallpaper sites in just minutes. Publish thousands of wallpapers on your wallpaper site with just a few clicks.

NEW: PlixPress is now more powerful with the ability to automatically post wallpapers in more than 20 categories without touching any button or mouse click. Now you can truly create a set and forget wallpaper site that will automatically updates everyday with fresh wallpapers and your visitors will keep coming back for new wallpapers all the time.

PlixPress WordPress Plugin has become very popular among WordPress site developers just because of its powerful and handy features. Join our member list and start your own wallpaper site in just mintues!

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PlixPress WordPress Plugin Features

  • Upload Unlimited Wallpapers
  • Automatically Post Wallpapers
  • Auto Generate Post Content
  • Auto Generate Post Tags
  • Spintax Format Supported
  • Premium WordPress Theme Included
  • Complete Setup Documentation
  • 24X7 Friendly Support
  • Lifetime Free Updates

Join Over 2,400 Proud and Satisfied PlixPress Users!

Premium WordPress Plugin PlixPress

Wallpaper sites are very popular and with the power of PlixPress you can now become the proud owner of a massive wallpaper site in just few minutes. PlixPress offers you the complete power for creating wallpaper sites easily with WordPress. PlixPress WordPress Plugin comes with a complete premium quality responsive custom designed WordPress theme specially designed for wallpaper sites.

PlixPro WordPress Theme comes with grid based layout, multiple site layout options, power control panel, responsive layout, unlimited color and fonts and easy site customization options. PlixPro theme is specially designed for creating wallpaper sites and to work with PlixPress plugin. You will not be needing any other theme or plugins to properly run and manage your wallpaper site.

PlixPress WordPress Plugin Package Includes

  • Premium WordPress Plugin PlixPress
  • Premium Responsive Wallpaper Theme For WordPress
  • Complete Online Documentation and Setup Guideline
  • Complete Video Tutorial
  • Instant Download
  • Lifetime Free Updates

PlixPress Premium WordPress Plugin

Start Your Own Wallpaper Site Today With PlixPress WordPress Plugin

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Complete online documentation available with step by step setup guideline.More
Complete video tutorial for step by step setup guideline is also available.More
Our friendly support team is ready to provide you all sorts of assistance.More

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PlixPress.com offers the ultimate plugin to build your own wallpaper site using WordPress with PlixPress WordPress Plugin.

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